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Kristin Komassa Vice President | Process Improvement

Area of Expertise

Kristin brings over 15 years of commercial real estate experience along with extensive experience with Corporate Solutions platforms. 

Throughout her work history, Kristin has created comprehensive client real estate technology solutions, corporate platforms, managed global real estate inventory, managed marketing campaigns, coordinated local to international training, conducted nation-wide commercial real estate research, coordinated sales metrics and worked with multiple real estate database platforms.  Most recently, her skills have focused on an overall company and client improvement process.

Improving the Client Experience:

Kristin is currently responsible for the creation, implementation and oversight of numerous customized client online platforms.  She works with the client/project teams to design the platforms in a consistent, repeatable manner to track property inventory, KPI’s, transactional and project management, as well as industry specific metrics. She remains as an ongoing resource as projects evolves or requirements change.

Company Process Improvement:

Kristin has been instrumental in not only designing new but consistently improving existing operational procedures within the company structure. Utilizing technology, she assisted in automating previously manual tasks thus reducing data entry errors and creating real-time summary metrics to top executives.  She fosters adoption thru group and individual training of the technology and platforms she creates.


  • Commercial Real Estate
  • Process Improvement
  • Project Management
  • Portfolio Management
  • Lease Administration
  •  Marketing 
  • Training 
  •  Analytics 
  • Proposals / Presentations
  • Planning and Organization
  • Client Services
  • Technology Administrator