In Memorium

In Memorium

Katie Watson

At the age of 30, Katie Watson joined Inland Companies as the Director of Human Resources.

Little did she know, she was in for a journey that would turn her into a growing and hiring 'machine' for this full service real estate company. Katie quickly earned the respect of the entire organization from the Maintenance Team and Construction Crews to our Brokers and Property Managers. Over the years Ownership noticed they had more than just an employee in Katie Watson, but a truly dedicated and graceful business woman. In 2014 Katie was extended a partnership of the company she cared and worked so hard for.

Katie had the unique ability to connect with everyone she came in contact with. When times were tough, Katie’s laughter and humor would put everyone at ease so we all could focus on the mission. To put it simply, Katie just 'got it'. She was truly in tune with people, was willing to listen and offer practical solutions. She helped oversee a Company that grew from 70 employees to 170 employees in a short period and she had the task of finding/retaining new talent which she handled with ease.

Katie was the ultimate fighter. While at Inland, Katie battled and beat breast cancer. She was determined not only to beat cancer, but to continue to oversee the personnel needs of the company. She did not let cancer get in her way of being a great leader.

Once she beat breast cancer, Katie was back at the office stronger than ever as the talented business leader she always was, she never waivered. She shined and was resilient. Katie’s style of managing people was authentic and real. Katie was a trusting soul...Whether it was personal or professional, she was the one you could talk to, lean on, help you make the right decision.

Katie was also the loving wife of Dave and mother to three amazing children, Jack, Connor and Carley. There was no doubt, her family was Number 1. Katie was dedicated to being active with her kids at school and activities. Those kids won the lottery having Katie as their mother! Katie, Dave and their family were always present at our company summer and holiday outings.

In 2016, cancer returned to Katie’s body. This time the cancer was ferocious. It had spread to multiple areas but Katie was determined to fight again...and she did. For over a year Katie found the strength to fight while still staying connected to her work family at Inland and still providing invaluable ideas and leadership. Her Inland Family rallied once again around Katie and hosted a fundraising event for Katie and her family in our office July 3rd, 2016. A night of music, laughter and fireworks. Nearly 200 friends, family, co-workers and clients filled the Inland offices to support Katie and her family. Katie and Dave both glowed and were amazed at what an impact Katie had on her work community...A community that loved Katie immensely.

On April 11th 2017, we lost Katie to cancer. We lost an incredible women, person, leader and partner of this organization. Katie’s contributions were many and her impact on the people she touched at Inland are immeasurable. Katie’s legacy will live through each us and this organization. She is missed dearly, but we are blessed with her memories and passion.

Her favorite quotes of "know that every day is going to be the best day and it will be", "if you never try you will never know", and "I'm never changing who I am" speaks to her positive outlook in life, her love for adventure, and staying true to yourself.